Chapter 21 Developing Colour by Dezine® Colour and Style

When we took over the Beauty for All Seasons Colour Analysis System of colour and were training our consultants in Australia and New Zealand it was exciting times to be back promoting Colour Analysis again.

The Beauty for All Seasons system was based on a person’s individual Skin Hair and Eye Colour which is unique to them, from specially matched coordinate master colour chips, also graded into Light, True Vivid or Contrasting.  The resulting personal palette of colours has 40 individual colours selected in Hue, Value and Chroma to perfectly enhance the clients very best features.  With a name that reflects the selection – for example, I am a Contrasting Exotic Winter♥   So when you are shopping with your personal palette it is like having your personal colour consultant with you!

Our consultants loved this addition to their business. Prior to the earthquakes, I had been working on adding a new and exciting selection of colours to the range, plus working with a graphic designer in Christchurch New Zealand we started to create our own high-quality Colour Chips to upgrade the personal palettes.

Once the earthquakes hit the Garden City and our supply line of Colour Chips had stopped, I spun the wheels and worked with an IT specialist to rewrite the Colour Analysis Computer System and bring it up to date.  This was a massive undertaking, but as we had all the hard copy data of thousands of colour analysis we had completed, it was a great base, to begin with.

Then Colour by Dezine® Colour Analysis was created. 


Our Beauty for You Colour by Dezine® Personal Colour Analysis System consists of Analysis with Skin Print Powders, Hue Level Drapes and Seasonal Drapes—

followed by co-ordinate analysis to select your personal Skin, Hair and Eye Colour, in degrees of tone—light, true, vivid or contrasting.

Complimented by our proprietary computer technology which will identify your very best personal colours.

With our unique accurate Colour Analysis system, you will also receive a personal palette of 40 wardrobe colours. Colour is a “no-cost item” and it gives you the confidence to project your own personal style.  We have over 15,000 possible palettes in our system—your colours are unique to YOU.

What difference does it make to you wearing your own personal colours?

The right colour will:

  • Add a radiant glow to your complexion, hair and eyes
  • Make the whites of your eyes and teeth look brighter
  • Smooth out small lines and wrinkles
  • Disguise shadows under the eyes
  • Minimise any imperfections
  • When you wear your correct “personal colours” you will look younger and more radiant.

NO dress, hairstyle or makeup can achieve the radiance created by your own Colour by Dezine® Personal Colours.

The wrong colour will: 

  • Accentuate lines and wrinkles
  • Darken and dull the complexion
  • Give yellow tinge to the complexion
  • Emphasise shadows under the eyes and make them look darker
  • Accentuate any redness of the skin
  • Accentuate blemishes or imperfections
  • Give a tired unhealthy appearance

To look great—it is time for a Colour by Dezine® Personal Colour consultation!

By having your Colour by Dezine® Personal Palette with your shopping is made so easy!  You will eliminate costly wardrobe mistakes.

We Are Making Great Progress – What’s Next?

After we lost our commercial building during the earthquakes, we had taken the business to home-base, back to the situation where we started way back… working from home.  A great place to recover while the shaking continued and chaos everywhere in the city, with buildings and homes being demolished and work cones everywhere.

Once our new website was up, I had lots of enquiries from clients from all around the world wanting to know how they could have a Colour Analysis Consultation.  As the majority of Beauty for You Consultants were in Australia and New Zealand, this got me thinking how can I assist all these people Internationally to benefit from our Discover your Colours System.

I set about creating a plan based on how we do a “Virtual Colour Analysis Consultation” 

A step by step plan working out a blueprint to develop an “Online App”.

With all the information we had from thousands of consultations, I sorted out the most popular Skin, Hair and Eye Colours for Summer, Winter, Spring and Autumn analysis.

To create a graph with the Skin, Hair and Eye Colours, along with creating the colours and eye shades for client selection.

Once I had the basis created I had an App Developer to assist in putting all the “techie” aspects together.  After much testing and trials finally we had created a system that would take the client through the process after uploading their photo and following the steps.

We also offer a service if they would like to have their selection verified, prior to ordering their Personal Colour Palette.

To assist them in following the process I also created a video to take them through the process.

We have a considerable number of people from all around the world every day, taking advantage of this Discover your Colours Service.

To Complete The Picture – Your Personal Style

To complete the picture we updated and created, with the kind assistance from Janice Cleghorn and Sheryl Stone, our Beauty Personal Style Program.

Consisting of 40 individual Style Portfolios – a step by step guide on your personal style depending on your body and face shape.  A great asset for our Colour Beauty and Style consultants also for ladies from overseas who is not close to a Beauty for You Consultant.

The Portfolio consists of 75 Pages of information and photos to guide the client through the process of her Personal Style.

Colour and Style training was held at Home Office and all around the country in both New Zealand and Australia, we had so much fun creating Skin Care, Colour Analysis and Personal Makeovers.

The training sessions were broken into 3 blocks, Skin Care, Makeup Artistry, Colour Direction and Personal Colour Analysis.


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