Fran Muntz – My Story

I have long been encouraged to write a book of my experiences and the people I have met along the way and was never keen on doing that, however after recently been asked to supply this information, as part of an exciting Career Development the following brief:

“When and how did you start in the Beauty Industry? Can you give us a timeline of “Fran” and Beauty for You? What would you consider as your/Beauty for You timelines, leading up to this present day? How do you come up with new formulations or ingredient stories? How important are the main ingredients you use and are they all endemic to New Zealand? Your Products are not tested on animals, was this your practice from the start? Anything else you would like to add would be appreciated”

So, as I started to research way, way back to fulfill this brief, I decided to take it a step further and create “My Story” and the amazing experiences I have had along the way and the people I have met and share some of their stories as well for this new Fran Muntz Website. I trust you will enjoy “My Story”  as it is continuing to develop and be sure to come back again for updates.

A Lifetime in the Beauty Business

I was brought up in an environment that believed education was wasted on a girl (you were only going to get married and have kids I was told), so had to leave school at 15.

I started my career as a hobby at the age of 15, when I enrolled in a deportment and modelling school in Invercargill NZ. Jasons’ Modelling School. Under the ownership of a beautiful lady – Elizabeth Henderson. I loved it so much, when I had finished all the courses I went back and did it all again and then Elizabeth asked me to become a tutor, what fun that was! Plus lots of Modelling jobs, Photography, Department stores and events – some of the history below in chapter 1♥  Plus an introduction on what is following …..

Elizabeth Henderson
My Diploma 1965!
Elizabeth Today

I always had a dream of becoming a Hairdresser and learn all about skincare and makeup so this was my first step into the Beauty Industry.

The next major event was setting up my first business when I was offered to purchase Jasons School of Deportment and Modelling.

Followed after being qualified in Hairdressing and Cosmetology, starting my own Hairdressing Salon.

I was introduced to Nutri Metics and Direct Sales in 1972 and a long exciting and rewarding career of 28 years began in the Beauty and Cosmetics field, with them.

My passion for colour also started here, so I trained and qualified as a Colour and Style Specialist. However, while working with the system of the day, found that the process of giving the client a limited pre-made-up wallet of colours – within the 4 seasons of colours, far too restrictive, so developed my own system.

During this time all the Colour Swatches and consultation drapes were prepared by hand. I had selected over 250 colours to have a wide selection for my clients. Bulks of fabric took over quite a bit of space in my studio. I told my friends that if it ever got too much they would find me locked in my room with pinking shears going gaga over colours!

I introduced to Belda additional beauty therapy services, skincare, colour and style analysis, plus consultancy training academy in colour analysis, wardrobe styling, makeup artistry and beauty care. The quest began in earnest to develop every “Belda Girl” to be the best they could be and become their own stylist.

Then took on a new challenge of a startup direct sales company in Beauty and Cosmetics and a new journey began and from that many opportunities have developed and continue to this day.

My Story has now evolved into many chapters – 27 so far!   I have been searching through all the old albums (and slides – Neville’s job), photos, Tempos, scrapbooks and publications to find the wonderful history of our students, consultants, directors, associates, family and friends.  What fun and trips down memory lane, when I look back on all the “projects” we have put into place along the way and how the Beauty Business has grown into such a great industry.  So this site will be continually added to as my journey continues, so be sure to keep coming back for updates ♥

Plus, if you would like to start your own “Beauty Business Journey” be sure to give me a call, we would love to assist you in creating your “Own Story”

Were you a Belda Girl?  A Consultant? A Director  or associated with us along the way and would like to tell a little of “Your Story”

Please make contact we would love to hear from you♥

Enjoy this trip down memory lane and come and search for your photo to appear!!