Chapter 19 What’s Next? Time To Give Up Or Start Again?

Time to Give Up  – Or Start Again ???

While the city was in rubble and not functioning, for us, no water, electricity or sewerage for two weeks plus, the business as we knew it probably was gone forever.

After the earthquakes and losing our U.S. Supplier, for Skincare, Cosmetics and Under Fashions – it was time to evaluate our position,

We decided to take that time to start afresh and established our own line of New Zealand made, completely Natural Skin Care.  I had been working on this prior to the earthquakes and spun the wheels to begin production so we could have products for our consultants and customers.  As I wanted to have total control of the ingredients that created the formula and named the range Natural by Dezine® 

My passion for Natural Skin Care was finally coming to fruition, having a range that I had complete control of the ingredients and be proud to call our own.

I worked with a Cottage Manufacturer, who was great in assisting this dream come true.  After lots of trials on human volunteers, we were able to release our first range.

The first range being Essentials:

Consisting of: Cleansing Milk, Cleansing Toner, Exfoliating Cleansing Milk, Microdermabrasion, Day Moisturiser and Retinol Anti-ageing Moisturiser

Followed by Beauty Bee®  Bee Venom Mask and Cream.

100% Gentle   100% Pure Aromatherapy Essential Oils and Botanical Extracts   100% Made from naturally derived ingredients in New Zealand   Not Tested on Animals

With our supply line of cosmetics and under fashions also no longer available. I set about researching Cosmetic suppliers to fill the gap. We arranged a supply agreement with a company in Australia Natural Compatibles until we were able to organise our own Private Label Cosmetics.

We were also fortunate to be able to locate the manufacturer of the Jeunique Bra and Underfashions in Mexico, so we were able to also to obtain a supply agreement from them so we could continue to support our consultant’s businesses.  Obviously all this took quite some time to organise as the city was in ruins and essential services not functioning efficiently.

Once we had our first two ranges of Skincare available, we felt the need for a completely Botanical range to complete the Natural Skin Care Story.  Hence, Natural by Dezine® Botanicals was born.

100% Natural – 100 Vegan – 100% New Zealand Made from natural plant-based ingredients

– Not Tested on Animals

Consisting of: Cleansing Milk, Soothing Toner, Hydrate Face Moisturiser, Jojoba anti-ageing Serum, Eye Get Serum, Hydrate Body Moisturiser, Antiseptic Foot Cream and Healing Gel


What came next?

As our Beauty and Colour Consultants were now without a cosmetics range, the next goal was to find a good colour range for them – no mean task I might say.

We had for a short time a range from Australia, which really did not work out satisfactory.  So it was back to the drawing board.

I spent 2 years – while Christchurch was still shaking around us and to give you some perspective we had 10,000 aftershocks in the following 5 years with the bulk of them during this time.  All while researching suppliers from all around the world, ordering samples, investigating ingredients, quality and performance.

I finally decided on two companies I felt capable of producing a Private Label range for us to my criteria, one from the USA and one from Canada that would  perform to the highest standard and not contain any harmful ingredients. As natural as possible for cosmetics.  Hypoallergenic, Allergy tested, Fragrance-free, do not contain parabens, not tested on Animals was the mantra.  I vouch for the stated criteria, however, can say getting to this stage was not easy!!     Colour by Dezine® Cosmetics was then added to the range.

Our Colour by Dezine® Cosmetics has been colour coordinated to make your selection easy.