Chapter 16 Jeunique Pacific – to Beauty for You

Invited to purchase Jeunique International

On the seminar trip to Los Angles USA to Cruise on the Vision of the Seas to the Mexican Riveria  –   Mr Nobbs asked if we would like to purchase the business and look after the Pacific Region.

We accepted the challenge and from Jeunique International Inc to –  Jeunqiue Pacific was born


Following discussions with Nobby, Neville and I have purchased the interests of Jeunique International NZ Limited and Jeunique International Australia Limited, plus have the license to distribute Jeunique Products throughout the  Pacific Area.


The advantage to us is that we can move forward with a truly Pacific flavour and one of the first steps has been to rename both companies Jeunique Pacific New Zealand Ltd and Jeunique Pacific Australia Ltd.

We commenced ownership of Jeunique Pacific Ltd in 2004

and changed the name to Beauty for You in 2009

During this time we still had a licence agreement with Jeunique International to be supplied with their products.

Change of Location –  Ferrymead, Christchurch.  When the lease on the large warehouse and offices expired in 2005 we decided to move to more manageable premises, just around the corner.

A complex with a warehouse, mezzanine floor, which was the office facility and downstairs training studio and a good frontage so we were easy to find.

This worked out well and we had fun, once again decorating to our own taste – in Pinks and Blues…  We also trained consultants who were keen to add more Beauty Therapy services to their business and I trained them in facial massage, Skin Therapies, Skin Scan Analysis, Manicures, Nail treatments, Eyebrow shaping, Eyebrow and eyelash tinting.

Along with Make up Artistry, Colour Analysis, Personal Style Consultations. Plus Specialised training for our Bra and Underfashions Consultants.

Along with “Hands-on” training (being a great believer in “don’t tell me – show me” teaching style, all aspects of running a successful Beauty and or Bra Business.

We held training in-house and around the country to support our growing team of dedicated Beauty and Bra Consultants.

I was also very keen to add Natural Skin Care to our existing range and started the development of a range – which in hindsight was a godsend when we lost our supplier – (more on that later)

We created lots of buzz with the introduction of our Beauty Bar, Shop within a Shop, Beauty for You Boutique In Northlands Mall Concepts.

Our concepts were designed to assist our Beauty Consultants, who wanted a base to work from – and complementing their mobile beauty business, creating a professional environment in which to set up a home or commercial based Beauty Business.

Model 1 – Home Based Beauty Room – which could be in a bedroom or spare room with easy access through the home (so as not to impede on family living).  Also could be in a converted garage.  The ideal situation is to have the space big enough not only for one on one consultations but the ability to accommodate small groups for Skin Care, Makeup, Colour and Style workshops.

The model is designed to show the consultants – complete with details on where to purchase the necessary set up requirements and how to manage the Beauty Room.

Model 2 – Beauty Bar / Room which could be set up within an existing commercial environment, i.e. Hair Dressing Salon, Fashion Shop, Women’s Gym this could be renting an existing room within a business to set up their personal Beauty Business, therefor, tapping into that business’s database.

Model 3 – Shop within a Shop a complete fit-out model on how to set up within the open space of an existing business – ideal situation a Hairdressing Salon.

Model 4 – Beauty for You Boutique within a shopping Mall – taking on a limited lease within a shopping mall – complete with fit-out and business assistance.

These concepts were designed to assist the ladies who were wanting to build a full-time Beauty Business.  However, the direct sales Model of home workshops, pamper sessions are still an important core of building a successful Beauty Business.

Photos of business models 

Above is a Beauty Bar I established after loosing our commercial building in the Christchurch earthquakes.   We had to move as much as we could to home-base as was the norm at the time.  We set up a great Beauty Bar in one of the bedrooms, which worked a treat and the clients loved it.  No more parking hassles, quiet, attractive and professional.  A model of how you can establish a home-based beauty business to work very successfully.  We also held training with small groups of the consultants, who were more than happy to travel to Christchurch and be with us.

Below is a great example of a home-based Beauty Bar, professional and private.  This is in the home of Janice Cleghorn in Wanaka and clients just love its quiet and restful atmosphere.

Shop within a Shop Concept.  A complete transportable fit-out that can be set up in an existing complementary business.   These examples were within Hairdressing Salons.

The Beauty Consultant had the advantage of an existing client base and the clients loved the opportunity to have access to their beauty services at the same time as having their hair done.

Excellent service also for special events, like formals, balls, weddings special events.

Beauty for You Boutique within a Shopping Mall.  

We were given the opportunity to establish a Beauty for You Boutique in a well established busy Mall.  When looking at this concept you need to ensure you have investigated all the requirements of operating your business within a mall.  Outfitting can be an expensive exercise, we had our concept furniture for each model manufactured overseas and shipped to Christchurch which made it more economical.  We set this unit up as a Beauty Therapy Salon, Skin and Beauty treatments, Makeup Artistry, Colour Analysis, Personal Style.  Plus Specialist Under Fashions personal fittings.  Retail Jewellery, Fashion Accessories, Natural Skincare and Colour Cosmetics plus lots of beautiful feminine items to entice!

Being in a Mall gave us the opportunity to have mini showcases in the centre of the Mall to expand our customer data base- and encourage people who may be a bit hesitant to come into the Boutique – this was a great success.   This business model is ideal for business owners who are committed to their business you have the advantage of having people visiting the mall every day.

Beauty for You Boutique in Country town.

It was a great pleasure to create this Boutique for Lynn Williams in a country town, Balcutha  – what a wonderful addition to the town.  The Locals welcomed Lyn and her beautiful establishment.  She had a lovely spacious beauty centre which included Beauty Makeovers, Skincare and Cosmetics, Colour and Image analysis, Jewellery and accessories, Jeunique Bra and Underfashions (specialised personal fittings) Breast cheek. 1st Picture is Lyn (dark pink) with Janice Cleghorn on the left, with model we presented a Colour and Makeover demonstration as part of her opening.

Beauty Bra Boutique Concept.

We had many of our Bra specialist ladies working from a home-based fitting service, mobile or even setting up a Bra Lady Boutique.  Marj set up her boutique within a shopping centre in her town. Being a specialised boutique Marj built a most successful business in this establishment.