Chapter 14 Jeunique International the beginnings

What was achieved by our Directors and Consultants in our first year took our breath away!

We trained 36 Bra Specialists and held 2 Bra refreshers, two extensive round the country tours with lots of interviews and publicity

We launched Skin Care and Makeup In April 2000 – ranges RejevaMetics, Finelle and Jun-elle Colour lines and continued to develop the business turning over a million dollars in our first 12 months – a great effort for a start-up company.

We organised our first International Seminar to take place at Sanctuary Cove on the Gold Coast in 2001.

We conducted regular training sessions expos and promotions across the country and developed a strong base of consultants and Directors.

3 People Achieved the “Prestigious Car Award”

Janice Cleghorn, Bonnie Leonard and Val Malby. We only started business in late October 1999 and to have these 3 exceptional ladies achieve their Company Car by August 2000 was a massive effort.

3 International Executive Directors

2 Executive Directors, Managers and Supervisors

Plus many consultants joined our company

Janice Cleghorn represented us in America at their International Seminar

Spotlight on Diane Dines

Diane joined the first training session to become a “Bra Lady” over 20 years ago.  From the moment she walked in the door, she oozed enthusiasm for everything we had to offer.  She has an amazing friendly personality and has the ability to put everyone at ease.  Diane was a wonderful Bra Lady and built a very successful business, it was a pleasure to have her in our company.  She did not stop there, she also trained in Skincare, Colour Analysis and Style.  Plus the Jewellery and Accessory Division.  In fact, every new product or promotion that was released Diane was right at the forefront to promote and achieve great rewards.

She achieved many awards and seminars including Sanctuary Cove, Australia and a magical Winter Seminar in Queenstown.

Diane was also a great trainer to her team and was always at the forefront when we had Xpos and Public Presentations.  Diane is the Expo Queen!   Diane and I have become great friends and I have enjoyed many happy visits to Diane and Cliffs home.  We are both “doggie” people and look forward to our “wee drink at the end of the day” – our favourite Vodka and Coke … I know, coke not great – hence I have purchased a Soda Stream and have sugar free Cola♥

Diane is still with our company today, through all the changes and developments and willing shares what we have with her ladies.


Diane’s Story

I met Fran 20 years ago when I travelled to Christchurch with a group of ladies to learn about a fabulous new bra.   We were from different parts of New Zealand but quickly became friends, especially as part of our training was to fit this bra on each other!

Over the years, Fran and Neville (her lovely husband) have organised various training sessions and even overseas seminars.  We always met these with great anticipation as part of learning new things, we got to catch up with each other to share ideas and what we have been up to.

As well as the bra, Fran has taught us about skincare, makeup and all about Personal Colour Analysis and image.  Fran’s knowledge in the beauty and fashion industry has been a huge help to us along the way.  She is a fabulous teacher and mentor who at the same time is friendly, helpful and keen to assist us however she can.

In 2001 we held our Directors Seminar at Sanctuary Cove, Gold Coast, Australia

Plus celebrated with Priscilla Stokes and Dawn Kiwi for achieving their Car award

Photos below of achievers including Car Achiever Marj Shannon, Queen of Sales Janice Cleghorn 2001, Princess of Sales Luella Plimmer (Sadly Luella passed away in 2019)

In 2002 Mr Nobbs purchased another company Beauty For All Seasons – a colour analysis and cosmetics company. I was in my element!!!  Yay, back doing colours!

I was a bit nervous to start, but after a trip to the states, learning all about Beauty For All Seasons, I was so excited to add this to our New Zealand Business.

The System with Beauty For All Seasons was away ahead of its time; the inventor, Norma Virgin had created a computer-assisted program along with a series of Master Colour Coordinates (Chips) which allowed the consultants to correctly match the client’s personal Skin, Hair and Eye Colour and assisted by colour draping.   The consultant had the numbers of the Skin Hair and Eye colour information to upload into the computer program which gave the consultant the personal result for that client!!  Magical.

Then a “Pick Slip” was created for the preparation of the clients personal colour palette, from a very large database of colour chips to create a beautiful fan of colours.

I was in heaven!  No more cutting up drapes and squares – and the system allowed more automation to get a perfect result for the client.  Completed with a personal Makeover to compliment her personal colouring.

We made up the colour palettes at head office and with that, another division was established to great success.

Lots of training and support was supplied to the consultants who wanted to add Colour analysis, Skincare and Cosmetics to their business.

Looking Like a Million Dollars – Assignment for New Zealand Women’s Weekly 

This was so exciting to be able to showcase our Personal Colour Analysis and Million $ Makeovers in a 4 page spread – what a wonderful promotion for us this was.

We colour coordinated each model, created their Million $ face makeover, hair design, chose before and after clothing for this photoshoot.

To Quote from the New Zealand Women’s Weekly:

This week we check out Jeunique’s Personal Colour Analysis and Million $ Makeovers with Beauty for All Season’s makeup. During colour analysis, the consultant matches your skin, hair and eye colouring with numerical colour coordinates.  These coordinates are so precise they not only give you a colour season name – Summer, Winter, Spring or Autumn – but also determine your season value, i.e. if you are a light, true, vivid or contrasting.  The second name in your analysis, for example, I am a True Exquisite Summer!

This unique computer-assisted system is designed to complement each client’s colouring with the most utmost precision and to give them their own palette of 40 individual colours.  There are 372 Colour Alliance names and thousands of combinations of Personal Palettes.

Each of our models also received a Million $ Face Makeover, in which make-up colours coordinate with skin, hair and eye colour and seasonal value.

You learn how to recreate the look at home as well as receive a step-by-step guide with your make-up colours.  Follow up Classes are held twice a year to help you keep up to date with new colours and techniques.