Chapter 10 Joined Nutri Metics as Beauty Consultant

Nutri Metics – A Career In Skincare Makeup – Beauty Business In Direct Sales

Initially, I was purchasing all my Skin Care and Makeup product at retail for my Belda School beauty workshops, as at that time only Chemists and Department stores were the only ones who had access to cosmetic lines.

One weekend I had a lady from the North Island make contact with me at our home in Riverton (she got my name out of the Telephone Directory) asking if she could come and show me a Skincare and Makeup kit. I agreed (shows cold calling pays off!). She had just joined a new International and Skincare and Cosmetics company and she arrived with a skincare and makeup kit she had just brought.

A Nutri Metics  – starter kit,  containing products which were very impressive for the day – with a focus on semi-natural ingredients, which was not the norm at that time.

I immediately started as a consultant and vividly remember the very first “party” which achieved sales of $300, a lot of money in 1972.   My first thought was “If I could achieve that result with a couple of ladies – what could I do with all my students!”

Nutri Metics was one of the first Direct Sales companies in New Zealand, an entirely new way of doing business through – Party Plan and home demonstrations.  The ladies took to the concept very quickly and we had no trouble booking Pamper Sessions.  What better way to shop in the comfort of your own home, with friends and learning all about beauty and application at the same time. I would conduct 2 – 3 Beauty Sessions a day and quickly built a strong customer base.

I did have the advantage of being trained in Cosmetology and Makeup Application prior to Nutri Metics, so the skills I had were put to good use not only for my clients but also the consultants I enrolled into my team.

From the minute I joined Nutri Metics and the joy of having a skincare and cosmetics range of high quality to share with my students at Belda, I was hooked!  I loved working with consultants and coaching them to achieve their goals.  We all did this together, we worked on the principle “each one teach one” and soon developed a strong team of Consultants and directors.

Back in 1972 it was not the “norm” for married women to work outside the home, the attitude was “my wife doesn’t have to go to work”.  In the beginning, it was hard work to convince the husbands this was a good idea, so I focused on having the ladies start with doing their consultations and group sessions in the home.  Once the husbands could see the rewards coming in, they did not take much convincing that this was a good move for the family all around.

We held regular weekly training sessions and spent the time to teach new consultants all the requirements of running their own mobile or home-based beauty business, from product knowledge to application techniques, business management, planning and growth and development. I even ran communication skills classes to give them the confidence to talk to a small group of people.

It was, (and still is) a joy to assist people to develop skills to build their own rewarding Beauty Business.

I am a great believer that you have to lead from the front and show a good example, so my goal was always to have high personal sales, sponsoring and director development.

I achieved my first company car after being in the business only a year, it was a two-toned Ford Escort.  What a joy that was, to have reliable wheels! Plus the first company car presentation in the South Island, whilst living in a small country town. No one achieves these big goals with a strong team and I was so fortunate to have lots of lovely ladies working in our team, so they too were reaching great personal milestones.

At the start of Nutri Metics in New Zealand, there was not a lot of training by the company, it was picked up by the leaders, but as the company developed the training became excellent.  A wonderful foundation and support to people who were prepared to put in the hard work to achieve exciting benefits.  We built a new home in Dunedin overlooking the harbour at Mia and added an amazing training studio to use for my Beauty Business, such a pleasure to work in and I was sad to leave it behind when we moved to Christchurch for Neville’s work and so a new chapter began in the Garden City.

I quickly established Nutri Metics skincare and makeup products into my Deportment and Modelling Schools and the rest is history.

During my 28 years with Nutri Metics whilst raising a family of two, moved through all the ranks to become a Senior Regional Director – top position in the company, marketing plan and built one of the largest consultant and director groups in New Zealand.

I built a field force of over 2,000 consultants and directors and was responsible for their training and management. The training and skills I learnt over those 28 years in Nutri Metics gave me a great foundation of knowledge to share with others.

I have performed thousands of Consultations, Workshops, Makeovers, Colour Analysis, Presentations, Expos, Presentations to women’s groups, large Beauty Events, all whilst  sharing my natural beauty tips on how to look beautiful naturally and can rightly claim to be an expert in the field of beauty, including hair care, skincare, cosmetics, colour and style and have well earned the title “The ultimate makeup guru” as introduced many times, with the added comments:  “Few can claim to have excelled in so many facets of the beauty world.”

I achieved awards for Personal Sales, Group Sales, Personal Sponsoring, Group Sponsoring, Director Development, Record Breaker several times.

In my 28 years in Nutri Metics, we achieved many milestones and awards, but I could not have done this without the complete support of Neville, my husband.  We worked as a strong team (as we still do) – he was the administrator, driver, grocery shopper (still is to this day – I hate supermarket shopping!), main man fixer-upper on properties, childminder, motivator … the list goes on and 100% supporter of what I was doing.

One of the joys was to be able to achieve the many awards that we shared together, cars, trips, quality of life.

I joined Nutri Metics on the 1/7/1972     Achieved District Director Rank 1/12/72

Regional Director Rank 1/4/75     Senior Regional Director Rank  1/5/87

Seminars Achieved: 1973 Mexico, 1974 Hawaii, 1975 Penang, 1976 Singapore, 1977 Hawaii, 1978 USA Disneyland, 1979 Manila, 1980 Hawaii, 1981 Las Vegas, 1982 Singapore, 1983 Singapore, 1983 Thailand, 1984 Australia Sydney,

1985 Hawaii, 1986 Tokyo Japan, 1987 Singapore, 1988 Vancouver Canada (did not attend), 1989 Kauai Hawaii, 1989 Mexico and USA Los Angles, 1990 Bali, 1991 Fiji, 1992 San Francisco USA, 1993 Sydney Australia, 1994

Auckland New Zealand, 1994 Hong Kong, 1995 Hawaii, 1996 Malaysia.

Cars Achieved:  1973 Ford Escort, 1975 Peugeot, 1977 Peugeot, 1979 Ford Falcon, 1981 Ford Falcon, 1987 Audi 80, 1990 Audi 80, and Suzuki jeep (a toy for Neville), 1994 Starlet S and Audi 80 2.0

Seminar Recognition and Trophies:  1979  1st Regional Director, 1st Group Sponsoring, 1982 King and Queen of Seminar International, 1st Group Sales Regional Directors, King and Queen of  Seminar Regional Directors, 1983 King and Queen of Seminar Regional Director, 1986 1st Group Sales Regional Director, 3rd Group Sponsoring,  Queen of Seminar Regional Director, 1987 Queen of Seminar Regional Director, 1990 Ist Director Development, 1991 Ist Director Development (International) 1992 Ist Director Development, 2nd Personal Sponsoring, King and Queen of Seminar Senior Regional Director, 1993 2nd Group Sales Senior Regional Director,1st Personal Sponsoring Senior Regional Director, 1994 2nd Group Sales Senior Regional Director, 1st Personal Sponsoring  Senior Regional Director, 2nd Highest percentage over Seminar target, Consistency Award. 1994 Broke Top District Regional Directors record for 1993 – 199.

Archived top Award: Nutri Metics Home Award  1993

Million $ Club Award ( in excess of 1 Million $ turnover in personal business: 1997, 1988, 1989, 1990,1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998.  Resigned in March 1999.

 Also achieved 30 International Seminars, from 1973 to 1998(some of these locations several times,)   


Mexico City, Honolulu, Penang, Singapore, Maui, Disneyland, Manila,  Las Vegas, Thailand, Sydney Australia, plus many other Australian locations, Tokyo, Kauai,

Mexico/ Los Angles,  Bali, Fiji, San Francisco, Australia, Hong Kong,

Achieved 12 Nutri Metics Cars:

Ford Escort, Peugeot x 2 , Falcon x 3, Audi 80 x 2, Audi + Starlet S , Camry, plus Suzuki Jeep (for Neville)

Plus the Top $120,000 Home award in 1993 plus achieved in excess of a Million $ wholesale turnover in my personal team (named The Frantastics) from 1987 each year until I resigned in 1999.

Photo below – Fran, Neville, Dayan and Bonita pictured in 1993 on the front page of the Monthly Tempo magazine congratulating them on becoming $120,000 Home Award Acheivers