Chapter 27 New Members of the Family

Look at the new members of our family!!
Introducing Rosie and Abbie ( Formal Names Joyau LaVie en Rose (now Called Rosie) and Joyau Love is in the Air, Aria (now called Abbie).

As I posted previously we lost our beautiful Bichon puppies Bella (16 years) and Cindy (13 years) within 3 months of each other – Bella was the mum and Cindy the daughter, we had struggled for 18 months to keep Cindy alive. Bella was fine but was missing Cindy terribly and all of a sudden became ill within a short period of time she was so sick we had to put her to sleep.

The house has been so empty without them we miss them terribly and had no intention of getting any more puppies for a considerable period of time. Then fate stepped in …. I saw an advert for the adoption for 2 Bichon puppies, on Facebook, needed to know more about them and found out that the lady was a champion breeder in Auckland. She had two sisters 2 years old for rehoming.

The lady who had them was a single mum with two children who was ill and could not cope with the sisters. Obviously, at this time it was not possible to go to Auckland to view (I have just had major shoulder surgery).  Anne (the breeder) told me that an associate of hers was coming to Christchurch two weekends ago for a Dog Groomers show and was prepared to bring the sisters to us for a visit and if they were not a fit he would take them back on the Monday. How could I refuse..

They arrived on Wednesday 2nd November 2022 and ran into the house and decided they would stay immediately.

They were so smart, to make a beeline to Neville and cuddled in! That is what you call “Puppy dog Selling” !!

The first night I put out a cosey bed in the living room – but as soon as I put the lights out they jumped on our bed and settled in for the night and have been there ever since.

They need some training but are not responding to their names and coming when called. It is lovely to have two little fluff balls running around the house and helps to soften the loss of Bella and Cindy.

There will be more posts of their adventures in beautiful Leithfield to come..

We have been at home spending time in the garden and with the new Puppies, getting their training sorted out. They are getting better by the day, sleeping right through the night no problem.

They are excellent guard dogs, any sound and they are outside at great speed to investigate. We are slowly getting the barking under control so that is good. They want to know what is going on around the property and couldn’t see over the gate, so I brought a little storage box (suitable for garden items as well) to sit on the end of the Cabin Deck, so they can sit up there and check out what is going on! They love it. We have lots of chases around the garden and into the house, boy they can pick up speed!

Currently, they take Neville for walks, not the other way around, Abbie is the leader and takes off, you have to have them on a lead!!

We have taken them visiting 3 homes so far and are very well-behaved. They love going out in the car and travel well. From the moment they came into our home Abbie went straight to Neville and Rosie to me, so when we are in our respective offices, Rosie, is on a lambskin under my desk and Abbie is on the chair with lambskin beside Neville in his office.

They are eating well, mainly raw with vegies and I purchase a great product called Glow Groom (tear stain remover) which is a powder and a powerful natural anti-bacterial that works to weaken the bacterial until completely eliminated and is incapable of redeveloping, supports the pets immune system to fight and heal itself. It works from within. As they both had a lot of tear stains when they arrived, I ordered this (recommended by the breeder) and have been giving it to them on their food since 30/12/22 and the unsightly tear stains are just about all gone. Well worth the money. (

We are really enjoying having puppies again in our lives and very lucky to have been able to give these beautiful females a home in the country!

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