Chapter 13 Earthquakes hit the Garden City

We live in Beautiful New Zealand, in Christchurch – known as “The Garden City”

Then disaster struck our beautiful “Garden City”

“WHATS NEXT?”  What do we do now?

  Time to give up?  Or start AGAIN?

On the 19th of September 15 days following the first major earthquake we were advised that the owner of our US supply company had died.  We had had a great association with him for 39 years and this came as another massive shock.   With is death we lost our product suppy line and license agreement.

Overwhelmed but undeterred by the loss of their commercial building in Ferrymead (it is still an empty lot!), they immediately transferred the business to “home base”, (which became the new norm in Christchurch), so they could continue to look after the consultants and customers, who had relied on them for so many years.

They chose to start again

While the city was in rubble and not functioning,  we decided to take that time to start afresh and established our own line of New Zealand made, completely Natural Skin Care, so I could have total control of the ingredients that created the formula and named the range Natural by Dezine®  The first range being Essentials:   Followed by Beauty Bee  Bee Venom Mask and Cream.

100% Gentle   100% Pure Aromatherapy Essential Oils and Botanical Extracts   100% Made from naturally derived ingredients in New Zealand   Not Tested on Animals











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Also, over a two year period searching internationally, dialoguing with and receiving samples from suppliers, Fran created a natural (as possible for Colour cosmetics), a completely new Colour co-ordinated cosmetics range using products manufactured in Canada  which are Hypollergenic, allergy tested, Non-comediogenicic, Fragrance free, do not contain Parabens, and not tested on animals, and named, surprise, surprise  Colour by Dezine®



With her love of colour from right back when she started in Beauty. Fran now had her sights on putting this altogether through the internet so set about developing her own Colour by Dezine® personal colour analysis system and also developed the “Discover your Colours App”  a Free Online Colour Analysis system that allows people from all around the world to upload their photo and follow the steps to their own Personal Colour Analysis, plus have the ability to purchase a Personal Palette of colours designed from their own Skin, Hair and Eye Colours.

Fran also created an Online Personal Style Portfolio with 40 individual Personal Style portfolios based on the clients Face and Body Shape

The Company name was also changed  to Beauty for You to better reflect the new aims and direction of the Company.


Development of Beauty for You Online Ecommerce Website

What a learning experience that was.  My very talented web designer Shaun Ross. helped me design an amazing website, and showed me how to enter all the 400 plus, products, plus a lot of the other need to know tricks,  Fran wrote all the copy, and together with Neville photographed all the images that appear on the site.

Through the power of the internet Fran shares her legendary and vast array of beauty tips for women to followers and clients throughout her beauty world, via the Beauty Website, Blogs, and Facebook.

Fran continues to extol her “total beauty” message as trainer and coach to new and existing beauty professionals, and consultants, plus keeps her hand in on product application and customer requirements.